Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Tips

Available on PS3, XBOX 360

Over time of playing Fifa ya get to pick up some tips n tricks that as far as im aware arnt widely available as I tend to see the same questions asked time and again. A big one is how to make coins on Fifa 11's DLC known as Ultimate Team.

Making Coins
So lets start with the obvious. Playing games and most importantly winning those games will keep your coins coming in steadily, however that comes with a draw back. Your players contracts will start to run out. Then you have the opportunity to also win tournaments to help boost your cash flow
You can buy normal bronze packs cheap, then the contracts you get in those packs put em up for as low as ya can for an hour. The more packs you start buying, start spreading them about over the day. The bronze cards that are worthless just discard but look out for pacey bronze rare players as they too will go high in a trade auction. It takes a bit longer for you to start reeping the benefits of this tactic but when you do you'l be saving up coins in no time.
Another way if your feeling lucky enough is to try your hand at getting one of those rare gold players and then selling them on. Instant cash but its just too risky for me.


  1. i love this game
    i'll use these tips next time i go on it, muchas gracias

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